FUN Approach 

At FUN Society we work both with theory and practice and have developed the FUN Approach to education that can stand alone or can be used as a tool to make existing effective education programs better. This approach is based on the intersection of love and power - the two essential ingredients for positive social change to happen. We run programs based on this approach and offer training, workshops and resources designed to equip educators with the tools they need to be on the cutting edge of the learner-centred education revolution.

The FUN Approach is an interconnected web of concepts that when used together creates the intersection of love and power required to create positive change. From our research, these are the features that are needed for Education to be effective. There are 10 fun approach anchors.

The first thing you must understand about the FUN Approach is that it is based on interconnectedness. There is no hierarchy here. There is no step 1, step 2, step 3. There is no order that you must follow. There are no specific rules. And each anchor does not really stand alone at all. It is presented in this way as a visual tool only. This approach is an interconnected web. It is a web of words that become magic when they are turned into action. Each word is an anchor. Each anchor is connected to all the other anchors by many different strands and are even embedded within each other. These anchors can exist in any order, and are not always connected to each other in the same way. 

FUN Approach Anchors:

one more note on the fun approach 

One of the anchors could actually fit within another anchor, or a keyword from an anchor could live under multiple anchors. The anchors and words have been organized in the following way for simplicity, but don’t for a minute think that just because Respect is its own anchor, that respect couldn’t also be a keyword under the anchors of Love, Community, Self etc. Everything is interconnected, and part of each other and what is important is that you take its essence and make it your own. We have tools and workshops to help you do this!