At FUN Society, we take education seriously.
FUN Society is an innovative “action-tank” working to redefine the very meaning of education. We believe that the purpose of education is to raise a society of good people with open, active minds and beautiful hearts.



We want to shift the way the world thinks about Education.

We envision A world where a holistic school SYSTEm nurtures and raises the next generation of society to be happier, healthier and ultimately more whole.



Maia Green, Founder and Board Chair


Maia is an entrepreneurial educationist. Inspired by the diversity in her own schooling, she founded FUN Society in 2008 as her way to create positive change in the world. As a child in the school system, Maia attended both public and private schools in Victoria, and spent time at an International School in Fiji, followed by a year of project-based learning living on a sailboat. Her experience with educational theory and design is not limited to her own upbringing. She holds an MA in Environmental Education and Communication from Royal Roads University and is a BC Certified Teacher. Her Masters’ research focused on how to intersect love and power in the creation of a youth empowerment program in rural South Africa and played an integral role in the development of the FUN Approach. She received a SSHRC grant for this research and was honoured to be nominated by the Royal Roads School of Environment and Sustainability for a Governor General’s Gold Medal Award for Most Outstanding Thesis. 

Maia has received other accolades for her work including a Bateman Fellowship in Sustainability, a Royal Roads University Entrance Scholarship, a TD Environmental Sustainability Scholarship, the Canadian Federation of University Women Victoria Award in Honour of Elsie M Stapleford and the Irving K. Barber British Columbia Scholarship Society One World Scholarship, a Women of Distinction award, and others. She was nominated for Victoria Leadership Award in the category of Social Innovation Leadership, and has recently been accepted into "Getting to Maybe: A Social Innovation Residency" at the Banff Centre.

From teaching in a rural village in South Africa to public school classrooms in Ontario and BC, Maia has a collection of educational experiences that have contributed to her love of teaching and redefining education. She has led youth delegations to UN Climate conferences, taught all of grade 10 science in 2 weeks in a provincial park and organized and led a 5-day trek in South Africa where the trek acted as a classroom for social change education. She has worked with every age group of youth extensively and is inspired and energized by all of them. Other than being a huge education nerd, Maia also loves traveling, hiking, biking, making music, making art, playing ultimate frisbee, dancing and being silly.